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Non mydriatic retinography

This is a portable non mydriatic device for capturing images of the back of the eye in colour and with a high resolution for studying various retinal alterations and diseases.

Differential Diagnosis

This can be used for capturing high resolution colour images instantly with a 45º field of vision. The device meets all the requirements of the ISO 10940:2009 standard for fundus cameras.


Easy to use & portable

The autofocus system and built-in autocapture function make this device simple and convenient, even for non-specialised medical staff. Its compact size, lightweight design and built-in battery provide the portability needed for capturing images anywhere.

Image Quality Control

It includes a quality control module that can analyse images in just a few seconds and evaluate the quality of the image captured on the screen of the device. It improves the efficiency of the process of diagnosing retinal diseases by considerably decreasing the number of images that cannot be evaluated due to low quality.


3 Devices in 1

Compatibility with other lenses gives the device versatility and makes it possible for it to capture images in other modalities (anterior segment and eye surface) for diagnosing various ophthalmological diseases.


The built-in WiFi module lets the device connect to a PC or other device for secure wireless image transfer without the need for additional tools or cables. It also has a USB port for transferring images.



The device is compatible with a number of accessories for both capturing and manipulating images that provide greater versatility and ease of use for the work environment.